Lamination Machine

Platen Size   24" 30" 36"
Lamination Width (max.) : 24" x any length
Speed Maximum : 1800' / ph
Power Load : 1.75 KW
Roll Width (Film) : 24" Max
Roll Diameter (Film) : 12" Min.
Dimensions (L x W x H) : 1800 mm x 1500 x 900 mm
Weight Approx : 900 Kilograms

Film Lamination Machine Plain Cum Window 

  • Provision from roll to roll lamination
  • Extended feeding table
  • Variable speed drive controls
  • Adjustable gum tray
  • All rollers are hard chrommed
  • Film slitting attatchment
  • Levers & brakes for wrinkle free finish.

Lamination width






1.h.p 220 volts h.p.

2.h.p. 220 volts qtls.

2.h.p. 220 volts

2.h.p. 220 volts

Speed mts/hour






Thermal Lamination Machine

Thermal Lamination
Designed for professional printers this new thermal laminating machine is robsutly buit to meet the demands of printing houses for high quality laminating jobs.

Suitable for both offset and digital printing, the unique and innovative design of the calendaring unit of this machine positions it among the world class machines. The sheet enameled construction lends an excellent finish and look to the machine.

  • Laminates one side at a time in gloss/matt film
  • Digital Temperature controller Thermostatically controlled.
  • Digital sheet counter
  • Paper thickness: 80 to 500 gsm
  • Pressure of ton Hydraulic Jacks
  • Variable speed drive
  • Hand held cutter quickly separates laminate sheets
  • Hard chromed coating roller with mirror glass finish
Technical Specification
Available Size : 24" / 32" / 42" (600/800/1050 mm.) 
Paper Stock Range  : 800 - 500 gsm 
Max. Machine Speed Mtrs/Min  : 0 - 25 Mtrs 
Heating System : Electrical With PID Controller 
Power  : 3000 Wts 
Electrical Supply  : 2 H.P 50/60 Hz 220/240 Volts 

Hot & Cold Lamintaion Machine (Thermal & Plain)

Thermal and Plain Laminating Machine combined Designed to meet your Accuracy &Standards.MOST SUITABLE MACHINE FOR LAMINATORS A most useful Thermal and Cold Lamination FROM THE LAMINATED ROLL available in two sizes 24" & 30" with motorised Hydraulic roller pressure.

Automatic Lamination Sheet Separator

Our Automatic Sheet Separator is a uniquely and the only designed Machine manufactured by us for cutting Laminated Sheet Rolls into the Sheet Form and stacking them on the adjustable table located on the back side. This separator can also be used online with Thermal Lamination Machines Manufactured by us and can also be used separately for cutting PVC , BOPP and POLYESTER Laminated Sheets.

al Sp

Available Size 24", 30", 36"
Pressure System Pneumatical system
Dreive D C Drive
Paper Thikness 150gsm to 500gsm
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Lamination Machines

Film Lamination Machine Plain Cum Window   
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